Boys in hats

Boys in Hats is a folk duo consisting of Eric Anderson and Paul Bryant-Smith, two ordained ministers with delusions of musicianhood. They are best known for playing favorites -- their own favorites -- from the traditional folk literature and new folk music. Most fans report that they are very funny, without specifying whether the humor is intentional!

Beware of train
I wish I had one of those hats that makes you funny…
  1. Bullet"They're cute." --wife

  2. Bullet"Those wild and wacky Boys in Hats." --friend (who hadn't heard us play)

  3. Bullet"I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures." --photographer

  4. Bullet"Daddy, play frogs." --son

  5. Bullet"I don't DETEST folk! I'm just overly focused..." --church organist

  6. Bullet"I really loved your show." --said to Paul after a funeral (hmmm)

  7. Bullet"I wish I had one of those hats that makes you funny." --fellow musician

  8. Bullet"The true successors to The Weavers." --not actually about us

Fans Say: